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Heinz-OLS is the reseller company of Heinz Performance.We offer high quality tuningfiles and mappacks for professional tuningcompanies around the world.

With 30 years of experience, Heinz-OLS and Heinz Performance are well established names in the car and tuning world.
Our software is developed and tested in house on our different 4 x4 dyno rooms by
one of our engineers.

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Created by professionals

For many years, Heinz Engineering has been known as the best in car tuning.

Every car tested on speed & safety

All our tuned cars have been tested on our 4×4 test bench.

Get top performance

Our tuning files will get the best out of your car.

Heinz is a winning culture

Heinz Engineering is a well known and respected name in the racing world.

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tuning files

Buy more credits and you will be able to download the tuning files you need.

file service

Cannot find the tuning file you need? Contact us via our File Service and we prepare you a personal tuning file


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